Maximo for Nuclear

A Solution Built on Industry Standards

The Nuclear Power Industry operates in a highly regulated environment with stringent safety and reliability requirements that make proper asset management critical. Companies face enormous pressures to meet production demand, consider environmental issues, and maintain a culture of safety all while optimizing asset performance.

Maximo for Nuclear, a packaged solution that conforms to the Standard Nuclear Performance Model (SNPM), is designed on the basis of two major international institutions that define the industry standard for nuclear power – IAEA and INPO.

Maximo for Nuclear applies the SNMP to establish best practices in nuclear power plant operations and offer common measurement and benchmarking.

LCO Tracking

Duty Stations

Corrective Action


Configuration Change Management

Quick Locations & Quick Assets

Equipment Groups


Lineup Plans & Lineups

Nuclear Kiosk Applications

Impact Plans

Surveillance Testing

Calibration / Measurement & Test Equipment

Vendor Qualifications

PM Sequencing

Equipment Reliability

Technical Specifications, Surveillance Requirements, & Events Framework

Bringing Best Practices & Industry Knowledge

Our seasoned Maximo Consultants have years of experience implementing Maximo in the nuclear industry. We understand the stringent environmental regulations and government compliance requirements involved in the generation and sale of nuclear power to residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Industry trends indicate a movement towards safety, cost efficiency and continuous performance. Getting the most our of the assets that serve your organization is an objective that the Aquitas team can help you achieve. Our team can help you make the most of your EAM system with our support and training offerings.

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