Data Quality Assessment

Reliable data is arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets, and the backbone to making smart business decisions.

Multiple factors can lead to bad data, and you must identify the problem(s) before you can fix them.

Our team will perform a Data Quality Assessment to identify incorrect, inconsistent, illogical, and incomplete data as well as an evaluation of the impact that data is having on your organization, and a clear path forward to good data.

Data quality assessments

Free Connected Maintenance Assessment

Where are you on the path to IoT? Our team will look at what information is being produced or gathered by your assets today, and evaluate how you can start monitoring that information in real-time to take action and impact your bottom line.

Find out how you can do less preventive maintenance while improving reliability…

Whether you are still trying to go from a corrective to a preventive maintenance program (contact us now if that is the case!) or have sensors on every asset, our team can work with you to identify the three potential use cases to get started leveraging Industrial IoT (IIoT) technology that would show fast Return on Investment (ROI) with the ability to scale quickly.

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Physical Plant Walk Downs

An effective maintenance program requires your equipment, materials, and spare parts reside in their designated locations and are ready and available for corrective action. Your storeroom or warehouse must be optimized with accurate and descriptive data to maximize your true maintenance environment. This may be in the form of asset verification, asset description, location, model and serial numbers, and other descriptors that are relevant to eliminating duplications and making sure that key spare parts are available.

Achieving this level of organization can be difficult, but our team is here to help with the leg work.

Whether you need help collecting information from all of your assets or physically cleaning up your storeroom, the first step is evaluating your current state and determining the right action plan to get the right information in the right place.

Physical plant assessment