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Data Quality

Is your data working for you?

Let’s face it – data is hard to manage. Data is also arguably one of the most important assets to any organization. It is the backbone to accurate reporting and decision making, mitigating risk, effective maintenance strategies, lowering cost of inventory, and so much more.

Developing a ‘single version of truth’ is a time consuming and cost-intensive exercise…

Developing a ‘single version of truth’ by consolidating data from multiple systems, departments, and geographies is a time consuming and cost-intensive exercise if done internally. Master Data Management from Aquitas Solutions enables your organization to enhance and maintain the integrity of your DATA!

Assess & Manage Data through a Simplified Process

Data Management is a process that begins with an assessment of your data quality. We can guide you through the necessary steps to improve your data management processes and even eliminate the cost-intensive exercise of assessments.

Data Audit

A Data Audit will assess the quality of data currently in your system. Through this process, we will create a report with recommendations for improvements as well as a cost-benefit analysis. A typical Data Audit Report will provide you with the following deliverables:

  • Data Quality Report
  • Possible Business Impacts
  • Most Suitable Data Modeling (Cleaning/Enrichment) Solutions
  • Improved Data Model Examples
  • Key Benefits of the Solution
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Asset Walkdowns, Cleansing & Enrichment

Based on a Data Audit and the needs of your organization, we can identify a starting point for data management. There is nothing more important at a plant or facility than having your equipment reside where it is supposed to be and the necessary inventory sitting ready and available for corrective action.

Your storeroom or warehouse must be optimized with accurate and descriptive data to maximize your true maintenance environment.

This may be in the form of asset verification, asset description, location, model and serial #’s, and other descriptors that are relevant to eliminating duplications and making sure that key spare parts are available.


Partlinq Adherence for MRO Data

Once you’ve assessed the quality of your data and done the necessary cleansing & enrichment of that data, it’s important to establish standardized processes for management. With Partlinq, you can eliminate the need for routine data assessments caused by unorganized reporting and manage all of your MRO data in one place.

The web-based platform offers customizable workflows and integrates seamlessly into your Enterprise Asset Management system to improve management of your inventory data.

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Manage & Maintain MRO Data with Partlinq

Often times, maintenance teams focus all of their efforts on conducting routine data assessments but fail to recognize that this need to cleanse data is a result of deficient data management processes.

Partlinq enhances your organization’s maintenance of data quality by:

  • Standardizing inventory management and governance
  • Identifying duplicates quickly
  • Providing multilingual support to enable global item catalogs

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Interested in Master Data Management?

Master Data Management from Aquitas Solutions enables your organization to enhance and maintain the integrity of your organizations most valuable asset your data. Contact us to get started.

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