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Connected Maintenance – Transforming maintenance operations and capabilities with IoT

Find out how to transform maintenance operations, become more predictive, improve labor optimization and save money.

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Connected Maintenance Overview

Listen to your assets in real-time, identify conditions that require action, and then automate the response from the maintenance team.

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Quick Bytes Live with Ray Miciek

QuickBytes host Ryan Boyles talked to EVP Ray Miciek at the 2019 IoT Exchange about advanced condition monitoring and AI for reliability.

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ReliabilityRadio: Solution Award Win

Ray Miciek and Maddy Hawkins discuss winning a Solution Award for their Connected Maintenance offering.

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Expert Capture

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Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) & Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Understanding and simplifying the approach to these two key metrics in maintenance

Investing in an IoT Solution in Maintenance & Manufacturing

Different perspectives for maintenance organizations to evaluate Return on Investment

Customer Use Case

Connected Maintenance at a Large Manufacturer
Learn how a large manufacturer can reduce preventive maintenance activities by 50% while improving asset reliability on costly steam traps.