For managing your assets & business

Aquitas Solutions offers a wide range of solutions to seamlessly manage your assets and support your business goals. Our company specializes in Enterprise Asset Management implementation, but our team is also well versed in many complementary solutions, like Augmented Reality and Smart Connected Products, amongst many others. While our offerings can all serve as standalone services, integrating multiple solutions can help you make the most of your data. Equip your organization and employees with the processes and tools they need to be efficient, safe, and proactive. Learn more about the specifics of our solution set below!

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Manage all your capital assets within one system.

IBM Maximo has been the market’s leading EAM solution for over three decades.

Industrial Connectivity

Connected assets lead to smarter maintenance practices.

Accessing and collecting the right hidden data is foundational to driving value from an IoT platform.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is more than a buzzword.

Aquitas can assist your organization in crafting an IoT roadmap that minimizes expenses while boosting throughput.

Augmented Reality

Your digital mentor is here.

Expert knowledge transfers to new employees or employees servicing new equipment. 

Smart Connected Products

Smarter maintenance through connected assets.

Your assets are talking. Are you listening?


Sensors are the enablers to connect your assets.

Aquitas provides the sensors to “hear” your assets. Maintain them on-time, while preventing failures.

Master Data Governance

Your greatest asset is your data.

Develop standard conventions and processes around your asset and inventory data.