Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT, or IIoT, is the transformative integration of advanced digital technologies into the traditional industrial landscape. It involves the interconnection of machinery, sensors, devices, and systems within industrial environments, enabling the seamless exchange of data and insights. IIoT empowers businesses to collect, analyze, and leverage real-time data to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. By harnessing the power of IIoT, industries can achieve predictive maintenance, improve asset utilization, reduce downtime, and bolster overall productivity.

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PTC ThingWorx

Build Connected Maintenance/IoT colutions that quickly transform businesses.

Utilizing ThingWorx, enterprises construct intelligent, interconnected products, operations, and software, crafting robust IoT solutions that swiftly revolutionize businesses.

IBM Maximo Predict

Utilize AI and maintenance data to predict asset degradation and failures. 

Utilizing AI and your asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports, and environmental data allows Maximo Predict to forecast downtime, degradation, imminent failures, and maintenance schedules with a high degree of accuracy.

IBM Maximo Monitor

AI-powered remote monitoring at scale for improved asset and operational availability.

The Monitor connects to existing OT Systems and utilizes AI-powered anomaly detection (no coding required) to generate dashboards, monitor processes and sites, identify problematic assets, and expedite the time to resolution.

IBM Maximo Health

Robust asset health data using IoT, asset records and work history to improve operational decisions.

Apply IT and OT data to build custom health scores to reduce operational risks and locate assets in jeopardy. Take action directly from Maximo Health to reduce the cost and frequency of asset failures and improve reliability.

Maximo Visual Inspection (MVI)

Analysis platform that learns to analyze images and video streams and detect anomalies.

Training MVI to understand “normal” allows for anomaly detection within images and videos associated with quality assurance and maintenance inspection activities.