Smart Connected Products

Smart connected products represent a pivotal shift in our digital age, where everyday objects and devices are infused with intelligence and connectivity. These products, equipped with sensors, data processing capabilities, and communication interfaces, can interact with users, other devices, and systems in real-time. They enable us to collect and analyze data, automate tasks, and make more informed decisions. Smart connected products lead to increased efficiency, predictive maintenance, and improved safety. As technology continues to advance, these products will play an ever more significant role in our interconnected world, reshaping how we interact with the physical and digital realms.

Willard Smart Exit Signs

You have to comply with local fire ordinances by inspecting your exit signs.

Free up your techs to perform higher value work by leveraging IoT technology. Read more below.

Monitoring Life Safety Systems at Enterprise-Scale

NFPA regulations require rigorous testing and inspection procedures that can be costly, labor-intensive, and disruptive to daily core operations. The Willard Smart Exit Sign incorporates IoT technology to deliver real-time exit sign status and automated compliance, potentially reducing associated maintenance costs by up to 90%. Powered by the IBM Cloud, the Smart Exit Sign decreases the risk of failed inspections that may lead to costly penalties and offers a user-friendly dashboard showcasing all signs, their locations, and their respective statuses.

NFPA regulations require rigorous testing and inspection procedures that can be costly, labor intensive, and intrusive to daily core operations.

How It Works

Willard Smart Exit promptly notifies you of any failures along with details of the exact signs in question and their locations, all in a convenient user-friendly dashboard.

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