Who We Serve

At Aquitas, we offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to cater to the unique needs of various industries. Within our dedicated team, we have industry experts who possess a deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements that each sector presents. With their expertise, we can provide you with solutions that are custom-tailored to seamlessly integrate and align with your organization’s objectives and goals.

To gain a more comprehensive insight into how Aquitas can assist your business, explore our dedicated industry sections below. Each section showcases how our experience and proficiency can be harnessed to propel your organization toward greater success and operational efficiency.


Top manufacturers must produce the right amount of products to meet market demands.

Aquitas’ highly skilled resources know your industry to provide insightful advice and direction on optimal EAM processes and configurations.

Oil & Gas

Companies in the oil and gas industry are under intense pressure to achieve operational excellence.

Aquitas’ Subject Matter Experts provide direction to our clients to optimize oil and gas clients’ maintenance operations.


Utilities are under constant, regulatory pressure to lower costs while improving service, power quality, and reliability.

Aquitas’ utilities Maximo experts understand your challenges to provide direction on optimal EAM processes and configurations.


In the transportation industry, asset maintenance, and repair is a mission-critical activity central to corporate success.

Aquitas’ EAM transportation experts will guide you through decisions pertinent to your industry’s operational and maintenance challenges.

Public Sector

Public agencies need to provide safe, compliant, and effective services to their customers and constituents.

As a SDVOSB Aquitas has successfully implemented over 100 Maximo engagements at the local, state, and federal level (on GSA schedule).

Life Sciences and Healthcare

The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry companies are focused on manufacturing products or delivering patient services in a highly regulated environment.

Aquitas offers implementation services with experienced resources that understand validation requirements of accreditation.


Facilities and their maintenance costs represent one of the largest expenses of running their business.

Aquitas’ facilities experts are glad to lead you through a Maximo implementation to ensure your requirements are fully addressed.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Products flow through a complex supply chain to reach their final destination.

Maintaining visibility from manufacturing and packaging to distribution and retail locations is key to maintaining efficient business practices.

Data Centers

Data centers manage critical information for businesses that we all rely on.

Maintaining the appropriate level of reliability requires the proper tools and systems.