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Enterprise-wide HS&E Program + Best-in Class Software

Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) management requires proactive management and documentation for several key components. The most important involve ensuring that each site is in regulatory compliance, and formally demonstrating the identification, prioritization and reduction efforts of site risk. A proactive HS&E program protects employees, the environment and the company’s assets, and directly impacts the reputation and profitability of the organization. Effectively meeting these goals requires implementing a robust, enterprise-wide HS&E program supported by a best-in-class software solution. Working with our team of HS&E professionals provides access to best practices and HS&E domain knowledge and ensures knowledge transfer to your internal team.

Aquitas HSE+

Even before a workplace accident or illness occurs, the documentation begins. There are reports on individual incidents, monthly summaries and annual reporting in some cases even when no injuries or illnesses have occurred. This process is an integral part of established initiatives to support safe working environments. But for the company that compiles its reports and process documents manually, the information gathering and form completion required can be time consuming and challenging. Introducing HSE+ Powered by Aquitas Solutions, an accelerator for IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager that is designed to speed, simplify and ensure the accuracy of health, safety and environment (HSE) tracking and reporting. While IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager delivers a wide range of HSE capabilities, HSE+ focuses on extending the IBM solution in areas such as occupational illness and injury allowing you to more quickly and effectively report on and manage HSE performance.

Add value and capabilities to Maximo deployments

As an extension of IBM Maximo Asset Management, HSE+ exploits the Maximo capabilities for identifying, evaluating, reviewing and handling health and safety non-conformance. The occupational illness and injury (OII) enhancements available in HSE+ extend the capabilities of the Maximo HSE Manager providing more advanced online data collection and automated reporting for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) forms 300, 300A and 301. The solution will also integrate with your personnel system and your asset-related information, helping you achieve compliance, save time and gain a more complete grasp of management and reporting than is currently available in your Maximo system today.

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