Maximo Application Suite

What is Maximo Application Suite?

IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) is a set of applications for asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance, and reliability planning. MAS allows the best of class capabilities to provide a complete view of your assets including: Manage, Monitor, Health, Predict, Visual Inspection, Mobile, Assist, and Safety. It’s single, integrated cloud-based platform which uses AI, IoT, and analytics to optimize performance, extents the lifecycle of your assets and reduces downtime, as well as costs. 

Maximo Applications

Maximo Application Suite is a set of applications for asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance and reliability planning. With the ability to begin with Manage, or to implement each application all at once; these applications create a clear streamline for your organization to grow and mature.



Manage and curate your organization-wide assets by setting up work order flows, asset maintenance schedules, and more.

Maximo Application Suite works with Maximo Manage to provide a complete view of all asset types, their condition, locations, and the work processes that support them. You can optionally include additional components, such as add-ons and industry solutions during the deployment and activation process.


What is changing?


Maximo Application Suite brings together all the applications within the Maximo portfolio under a single license entitlement, with flexible consumption. This allows organizations to make use of any solution without additional purchases; no longer having to separate license entitlements, each application and user type will require a specific number of AppPoints.


What are they and how can you best use them?


AppPoints can be considered IBM's token licensing model. Rather than working in a fixed relationship between authorized users and license entitlements, these AppPoints give organizations the flexibility to adjust which applications are used and reduce compliance risk. 


How can IBM's new licensing model benefit you?


The main benefit to IBM's new licensing model, is when you feel ready to access new functionality, there will be no additional license procurement required. Other benefits include a reduced risk and overheads in managing license compliance, license usage flexibility, and price protection for the term.

Reasons to upgrade

IBM Maximo Application Suite provides key enhancements across the applications within the suite. Focusing on the user experience, industry-specific and core integration updates.

How can upgrading to MAS impact you and the way your organization functions?

The key steps to upgrading/migrating to MAS

Considering to upgrade?

Aquitas Solutions can help you take all the essential steps to upgrade to MAS; ensuring that your asset and work management processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We look forward to assisting you through your MAS upgrade!