Maximo Application Suite

Everything you need to know before upgrading

What is Maximo Application Suite (MAS)?

The term Maximo Application Suite mainly refers to a change in licensing structure, application accessibility, and technology use. Maximo’s traditional functionality and user experience will remain the same.


MAS is designed to take advantage of concurrent use and is therefore licensed via AppPoints, which are pooled and expended based on different active user types.


With MAS, all applications are available for installation within one suite. You can install everything at once initially or introduce new applications over time.


MAS utilizes Red Hat OpenShift, a containeriza- tion software that provides a secure, flexible foundation for IT infrastructure as your business needs grow and change.


AppPoint usage is divided into reserved and concurrent usage.

Reserved usage: The AppPoints are reserved permanately from the organization pool when an authorized access user is created. These AppPoints are consumed when you deploy applications that have a reserved cost.

Concurrent usage: The AppPoint cost is applied when a concurrent access user is logged in to Maximo Application Suite. When a user starts a sessions, AppPoints in that assigned entitlement are checked out. When the session ends, the AppPoints are returned.



Manage and curate your organization-wide assets by setting up work order flows, asset maintenance schedules, and more

Monitor asset maintenance and operations through calculated metrics and alert optimization


Augmented maintenance with prescriptive guidance using machine learning and AI tools on your structured and unstructured data


Manage asset health through a consolidated asset view to optimize availability, maintenance, and replacement


Predict and manage asset reliability risks to plan and prioritize maintenance needs


Support integrated processes for improving safety, reliability, environmental, and operational performance in compliance


Everything you need to know before upgrading