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Delivering Safe, Reliable and Uninterrupted Service

All utilities share a common goal of delivering service safely and at a reasonable cost. Organizations in this industry are constantly searching for new ways to improve customer service while managing a business that mixes planning, construction, maintenance, and emergency work on a daily basis. With the majority of operating infrastructure located in residential areas and a laundry list of complex regulatory requirements, your organization must manage performance and risk efficiently.

Maximo for Utilities supports work and asset management for the transmission and distribution of water, gas and electric utilities. With our extensive industry knowledge, your organization can confidently implement Maximo and establish best practices to address these common pressures.

Bringing Best Practices & Industry Knowledge

Our seasoned Maximo Consultants have years of experience implementing Maximo in utilities. We understand the stringent environmental regulations, government compliance requirements, and customer demand involved in the transmission and distribution of water, gas and electric utilities.

Industry trends indicate a movement towards operational excellence – getting more out of the assets that serve your organization by continuously improving operational efficiency and optimizing cost. Our team can help you make the most of your EAM system with our support and training offerings.

Product Overview

Maximo for Utilities is a packaged solution that conforms to standard utilities practices and helps you manage the following business areas:

  • Compatible Unit Estimating
  • Crew Management
  • Labor Skills and Certifications Tracking
  • Fixed Asset Accounting Integration
  • Mobile Workforce Management Integration
  • Graphical Design Tool Integration
  • Geographic Information System Support
  • Regulatory Requirement Management
  • Smart Meter Tracking and Meter Sampling
  • Meter Data Management Integration
  • Support for NERC CIP compliance

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