Oil & Gas

Effectively Operating a Highly Regulated Environment

Companies in the oil and gas industry (Exploration, Production, Refining, Distribution, Terminalling, and Commercial/Retail Marketing) are under intense pressure to achieve operational excellence. These companies strive to increase overall margins, meet production targets and maintain the highest safety and environmental standards. Operating a highly regulated environment, oil and gas companies are in need of solutions to manage their safety and mission critical physical assets (rigs, pumps, drills, pipelines) in line with their business.

How Aquitas Solutions can help:

The Oil & Gas industry requires a partner that can address your specialized industry needs, such as failure codes, asset specifications, location details, regulatory compliance and how to adhere to industry standards such as ISO 14224.

  • Improve asset analysis, plan shutdowns, reduce manual intervention, respond to complex supply chain demands, align roles and responsibilities, and facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Achieve best practices and improve the efficiency and productivity of your critical assets by standardizing work practices, safety procedures, and procurement.
  • Manage the asset lifecycle, including acquisition, work management, operations, inventory control, purchasing, and preventive maintenance.

Oil & Gas Clients

Clients that have directly benefited from working with Aquitas Solutions:

Clients that have directly benefited from working with Aquitas Solutions:

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