Our Approach


Implementation Approach

Implementing the Maximo product is a multi-step, collaborative process between Aquitas and the customer project team that will utilize various Maximo Subject Matter Experts (SME) based on functional role(s) and project activities.

Aquitas consultants provide the highest level of service, and our attention to detail on deliverables and milestones proves its value as soon as the project kicks off.

New to Maximo or an Enterprise Asset Management System altogether? An assessment with one of our experts will set you up for success. We will schedule a time to discuss your company’s technology challenges and provide recommendations on how to successfully im

Our approach

Aquitas executes a well-developed and proven project methodology that is both highly structured and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

Our “PADEO” Methodology

Organizational change management

We use the acronym “PADEO” to describe our methodology and the typical project phases:
Prepare, Appraise, Define, Execute, and Operate


The Prepare Phase is the initiation of the project.

Prepare tab