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Aquitas Weibull Solution Accelerator — forecasting likelihood of failures

Weibull Analysis, developed in 1937 by a Swedish engineer and mathematician Ernst Weibull, forecasts the likelihood of failures within a specific timeframes and empowers you to plan maintenance more efficiently, reducing downtime and costs.

Introducing PredictNOW by Aquitas Solutions, a predictability tool that collects data on asset failures to make your organization’s asset management smarter and more proactive. PredictNOW utilizes the Weibull distribution model, to help you understand the probability of an asset failure in a given timeframe. Unlock the potential of anticipatory maintenance with Aquitas’ Weibull-powered Accelerator!

What is PredictNOW?

PredictNOW utilizes the Weibull distribution statistical model that helps us understand how long things last and how often they might give us a surprise. It is not about guessing; it’s about understanding the average lifespan and foreseeing the pattern of surprises over time. The Weibull failure curve is characterized by its “U” shape, also known as the bathtub curve, which represents the failure rate of the asset over time. It starts with a high failure rate, decreases over time, and increases again when the asset fails more frequently. This is an easy first step to using more advanced MAS solutions – Monitor, Health and Predict!

How Weibull Works for you

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Get started with PredictNOW today!

PredictNOW is simple to deploy! It works on both past and present data – there is no need for massive amounts of data to begin using! PredictNOW reduces the entry barrier (less cost, quick deployments) for maximizing ROI, makes users comfortable with using new age technologies like AI to succeed in Industry 4.0, and expands the horizons of EAM solutions through a focus on outcome-based values.

PredictNOW’s key features include:

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