IBM Maximo Asset Monitor

AI-Powered Remote Monitoring at Scale for Improved Asset & Operational Availability

IBM Maximo Asset Monitor aggregates operating state data and process parameters across legacy systems, historians, IoT sensors, and other repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into performance. The solution scales quickly and easily across the enterprise. AI-powered monitoring identifies only the right alerts while helping you understand complex relationships between factors causing failures. This empowers your OT and IT teams to act with speed and confidence to understand root-cause and drive digital re-invention.

Bringing Value with Maximo Asset Monitor

Through monitoring dashboards, you get a consolidated view of operations with data integration from multiple IoT and non-IoT sources. Resolution teams can use alert notifications and drill-down capabilities with advanced analytics and AI to quickly detect issues and use data from operating history.

Key Capabilities:

  • Customize dashboards for your operations team
  • See anomalies before they become problems
  • Understand your asset performance history
  • Automate responses to issues
  • Improve machine learning with EAM integration

Key Benefits

Enterprise-level data aggregation and visibility

Integrate data from multiple sources to gain insights about operating state

Scaled operations across processes and sites

Gain the ability to scale and visualize operations across your enterprise through a single dashboard

AI-powered detection of issues and anomalies

Use advanced analytics and AI, which can quickly detect issues and leverage data from operating history

Drill-down analysis for resolution teams

Speed resolution with configurable drill-down capabilities that can be integrated into existing workflows for enterprise asset management (EAM)

An extensible IoT foundation

Get quick and low-cost cloud-based deployment to accelerate time to value. Stepwise connect and collect solutions enable you to extend value over time with health scoring and predictive algorithms

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us to learn how IBM Maximo Asset Monitor can easily be incorporated into your maintenance organization and bring immediate value to operations.

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