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Mission Critical Maintenance & Repair

Ensuring passenger and employee safety, adhering to regulatory requirements, increasing oil prices and decreasing profit margins are just a few of the challenges facing the transportation industry today and asset maintenance and repair has become a mission-critical activity central to success, and even survival. Transportation organizations, whether they are rail, road, sea and/or air, understand that unnecessary asset downtime can increase operating costs, damage customer relations, create unsafe operating environments and decrease profitability. To avoid these risks, they require robust asset management solutions, and look to partner with experts that have the right combination of technical and industry experience.

How Aquitas Solutions can help:

  • Asset Management requirements in the transportation industry are highly unique and require a partner that understands the importance of tracking warranties and campaigns, integrating with fuel management systems, managing complex linear assets, and complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Expertise in upgrading or integrating with existing business solutions and GIS/Mapping.
  • Implement enhanced work management capabilities for campaigns, industry codes, labor qualifications, maintenance alerts, and recording inspections and cleaning.
  • Effectively manage all types of transportation assets, including fleet, cars, trucks, buses, locomotives and rail vehicles, aircraft, and vessels and monitor everything from equipment status to driver logs to fuel management.

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