Maximo Services Upgrades

Time for an Upgrade?

Are you still on an older version of Maximo that is no longer supported or has extended support by IBM? It is recommended that all customers upgrade to the latest version of Maximo, MAS 8. If you are considering staying on your version that still receives support, we can guide you on the next steps transitioning to an upgrade. We will help you effectively plan and execute your Maximo software upgrade while ensuring successful data migration and enhanced functionality.

Technical Upgrade

In this scenario, customers are running a version of Maximo that has a technical upgrade path to the current version. This type of upgrade is relatively straightforward; however, we will still discuss any potential issues (e.g. customizations, integrations, data integrity, etc.) to ensure we provide a plan that can be executed efficiently and minimize your risks.


Regardless of current version, there are some Maximo environments just not worth upgrading. It could be that the data lacks integrity or the old processes in your organization can no longer map to the UX of the latest version. In this type of scenario, we would treat your “upgrade” as what we call a re-implementation. We would perform all the steps normally done for a new client to ensure the re-implemented system works for your current business needs and processes.