Maximo for Utilities

Delivering Safe, Reliable and Uninterrupted Service

All utilities share a common goal of delivering service safely and at a reasonable cost. Organizations in this industry are constantly searching for new ways to improve customer service while managing a business that mixes planning, construction, maintenance, and emergency work on a daily basis. With the majority of operating infrastructure located in residential areas and a laundry list of complex regulatory requirements, your organization must manage performance and risk efficiently.

Maximo supports work and asset management for the transmission and distribution of water, gas and electric utilities. With our extensive industry knowledge, your organization can confidently implement Maximo and establish best practices to address these common pressures.

Bringing Best Practices & Industry Knowledge

We understand the stringent environmental regulations, government compliance requirements, and customer demand involved across all utilities. From Power generation and power delivery to Gas and Water Utilities, there are similar maintenance operational challenges that prompt the need for a strong asset management system like Maximo.
Use Cases
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How Dynamic Sensing Addresses Worker Safety With Remote Inspections

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Enabling Workforce Training with Augmented Reality

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A Tool to Standardize Inventory, Identify & Delete Duplicates

Product Overview

Maximo for Utilities is a packaged solution that conforms to standard utilities practices and helps you manage the following business areas:

Product Overview

With our extensive industry-specific expertise, we can guide you to the right solutions and tools to manage the following business areas: