Everactive Batteryless Steam Trap Monitoring

Achieve real-time visibility into your steam system with continuous monitoring

According to a report from the Federal Energy Management Program, roughly 20% of the steam leaving a typical facility’s central boiler plant is lost due to leaking steam traps – bringing considerable costs and risks. Everactive’s Steam Trap Monitoring is a continuous monitoring system that uses batteryless sensors to deliver real-time alerting through the cloud, without the need for manual inspection. Not only can you intervene more quickly to mitigate losses, but you can also make more strategic decisions about the operation of your vital steam system.

Bringing Value in Maintenance

Optimize resources with complete coverage + automated alerts

Everactive’s batteryless Steam Trap Monitoring brings the 4th Industrial Revolution to the driver of the 1st Industrial Revolution. Leave behind the days of manual audits and long uninspected periods that expose steam systems to mounting losses and the risk of catastrophic failure. With Everactive, achieve widespread coverage at a fraction of the cost, without any added maintenance. Now, dispatch personnel when and where they are needed and never get caught off-guard by trap failure again.

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How It Works

Evercloud is the easy-to-use dashboard that houses steam trap analytics from Eversensors – the proprietary, self-powered sensing devices that wirelessly transmits condensate, steam and ambient temperature at configurable intervals. Evercloud supports bridges to existing data repositories for unified view of all data.

Each sensor is connected via the Evergateway which has a reliable 100-foot range in crowded industrial settings and utilizes existing networks to transmit data to the Evercloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Save Energy Costs
  • Avoid Upfront Costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Shrink Carbon Footprint
  • Improve Safety
  • Easily Install & Configure

Real-time steam trap analysis

Data sampling & transmission every 60 seconds

Compatible with all steam traps

Batteryless sensors powered from heat of steam pipe or indoor solar

Eversensors rated for 20-years without requiring any routine maintenance

Simple configuration via Evercloud

Detailed analysis via Evercloud

Alerts & notifications via email and text messages

APIs to bridge data into existing CMMS

Best-in-class data security & privacy

Class I, Division 2


How Much Can You Save Each Year?

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