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The Leading Industrial IoT Platform


To turn the promise of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into a powerful reality, you need a platform purpose-built for industrial applications. With extensive domain expertise built on nearly two decades of IoT innovation, PTC's ThingWorx is an IIoT platform with the functionality and flexibility needed to drive a rapid ROI—while offering the security and scalability required to expand IIoT solutions throughout your enterprise.


Enhance Maintenance Operations & Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Sensor/System/Source Agnostic Industrial Connectivity
  • Real-Time Condition Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection and Alert Validation
  • Automated Work Order Creation
  • Data Aggregation & Visualization
  • Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics
  • Role-Based Mashups & Apps
  • Augmented Reality

Drive Enterprise Value:

  • Improve asset performance and key metrics like OEE, MTTR & MTBF
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing unplanned downtime
  • Optimize Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities
  • Drive revenue growth

The Ideal Industrial IoT Platform

The ThingWorx platform includes compatible modules that deliver the functionality, flexibility, and agility enterprises need to implement industrial IoT apps and AR experiences. This includes industrial connectivity, analytics, application enablement, orchestration and augmented reality authoring.

Purpose-built Platform for Industrial IoT

 The platform contains specific functionality designed with the scalability and security to grow as the business expands.

Purpose-built Platform for Industrial IoT

Fast Time to Value

Integral platform modules come together via the Thing Model – the true digital representation of a physical object – enabling apps and experiences to be delivered quickly and easily

Fast Time to Value

Ultimate Flexibility

Platform can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of the two. Apps and experiences are made available to users in multiple formats –desktop, web, mobile, and augmented reality. Integration with external data sources simplifies processes and ensures more meaningful results

Ultimate Flexibility

Vibrant Ecosystem

ThingWorx partner exosystem offers one of the world’s largest networks of IoT-focused companies, and ThingWorx partners offer a wide range of products and services that simplify, accelerate, or enhance processes and strategies for industrial IoT 

Vibrant Ecosystem
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Easily connect devices, assets, and IT/OT systems - from edge to cloud. Unify applications across the enterprise, from design and engineering, to CRM, ERP and EAM.
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Quickly build data-driven applications that leverage your physical systems and products and enrich them with additional data.

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Automate complex analytical processes - delivering real-time insights, predictions and recommendations using native and 3rd party tools.

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Automate business processes, and drive action across your products, digital systems, and physical operations.

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Empower workers to perform better. Deliver meaningful and actionable data across a range of devices and media - including seamless AR support.

ThingWorx Managed Services

Enjoy the flexibility of using the allotted hours as needed to address your unique requirements or to satisfy in-house resource gaps.


  • Routine Enhancement Requests
  • General System Admin
  • Use Case Development
  • Mashup Design
  • Sensor Installation/Configuration
  • Training
  • Security Group Management
  • Staff Augmentation
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