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Maximo Implementation Approach

Implementing the Maximo product is a multi-step, collaborative process between Aquitas and the customer project team that will utilize various Maximo Subject Matter Experts (SME) based on functional role(s) and project activities.

Aquitas executes a well-developed and proven project methodology that is both highly structured and flexible to meet the needs of our clients. 

Aquitas consultants provide the highest level of service, and our attention to detail on deliverables and milestones proves its value as soon as the project kicks off.

Our “PADEO” Methodology

We use the acronym "PADEO" to describe our methodology and the typical project phases:
Prepare, Appraise, Define, Execute, and Operate


The Prepare Phase is the initiation of the project.

  • Core and extended project teams finalized
  • Working environment logistics established (access to systems, workspaces, etc.)
  • Project schedule created and agreed upon
  • Kick-off meeting conducted
  • All related project material collected and reviewed


  • Existing business process gathering and documentation
  • Maximo installation and deployment requirements and options determined
  • Assess existing system and environments if applicable
  • Infrastructure requirements addressed


  • Process specific workshops
  • Detailed examination of business processes mapped to requirements and functionality
  • Determine any customer-specific configurations and/or customizations needed
  • Legacy data assessment
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) used to trace each line item through each subsequent phase to go-live
  • Functional and technical specification documents created including:
    • Design details for application configurations
    • Reports
    • Start centers
    • Workflows
    • Data mapping & migration requirements


  • Configuration and testing of the solution per the approved specifications
  • Test scripts created if non-standard testing scripts are needed
  • System and End User testing
  • Documentation, updates/fixes, and re-tests until design compliance is achieved
  • Formal training on new Maximo system


  • Final Maximo application and database are migrated from DEV/TEST environment to Production (PROD) environment
  • Any final transactional data captured and loaded into Maximo Production Database for go-live
  • Post go-live support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues
  • Final project documentation and closeout session

Project Management & Planning

Our Business Solutions team boasts unparalleled project management experience. Their clear methodology and hands-on experience allow them to execute a highly-structured and proven plan that is always tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our team will provide regular feedback to key stakeholders, offer a project plan that fits your unique deliverables, and ensure that all of the project objectives are met. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We will take a hard look at the goals and business processes in all of your critical areas and recommend specific metrics for you to track and monitor progress. Based on those metrics we will work with you to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that would be available to view from product dashboards and reports so everyone can focus on what’s required of them, and ultimately be driving towards a common set of goals. These KPIs also give you the ability to benchmark your results against other company sites or industries and provide regulatory metrics as well. Our proven methodology will help you align your organization to the overall goals of your company.

Implementation Assessments

Our team is there for you from pre-project planning through go-live and follow on support. We will review your current requirements, help map out your processes, and ultimately create an efficient implementation plan that will deliver results. This first phase of the project sets the foundation by identifying your business objectives, understanding the technical environment that the solution will operate in, and providing baseline product knowledge to the core project team.

We work with your specific business processes and objectives.

We will work with your data and business objectives to develop detailed functional requirements, map out your implementation budget and schedule, assist in securing senior management endorsement and ultimately launch the project. We know your industry and understand the technology. We can help you establish the standards, and measurements for success.

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