Maximo for Nuclear

Streamline Regulatory Compliance, Assets Investment, and Business Processes

The global nuclear energy industry is comprised of nearly 440 nuclear reactors operated by more than 70 companies on five continents. Operating a highly regulated environment, nuclear energy companies are in need of solutions to manage their safety and mission critical physical assets (plant, tools, infrastructure) in line with their business. Maximo for Nuclear can proactively manage regulatory driven business processes to capture, track, analyze and respond to all incidents and abnormalities observed by employees and 3rd party personnel.

How Aquitas Solutions can help:

  • Our Maximo consultants have extensive configuration and process management experience to put in place best practices that enable a nuclear power plant to effectively  manage compliance (EPA, NRC, FERC) through real-time changes to business processes, applications, data models, reports, and integration.
  • Enhance operational and work management practices that address the specialized needs outlined in the Standard Nuclear Performance Model.
  • Maximo for Nuclear can be deployed to manage your plant’s corrective action program to drive regulatory compliance, asset investment, resource training, and a variety of other critical business functions.
  • Improve reliability of assets and human performance.

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